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Must-Read Book Recommendations for UGC-NET Psychology Aspirants

Updated: Jun 27

Book for UGC-NET Psychology

Attention all UGC-NET Psychology aspirants!

We're excited to share a curated list of books that come highly recommended for anyone preparing to ace the NET exam.

These suggestions were generously shared by RIDHI KAMRA, Divya Dixit, Punya Dev, and Dr. Sakshi Seth Grover during the our ACE THE NET event.

Here’s what they recommend:

1. General Psychology:

- "Psychology" by Michael Passer or "Psychology: An Exploration" by Saundra Ciccarelli

- "Psychology" by Saundra Ciccarelli and J. Noland White

2. Statistics and Research Methodology:

- "Research Methodology" by A.K. Singh

- "Statistics for Psychology" by Arthur Aron, Elaine N. Aron, & Elliot J. Coups

3. Cognitive Psychology:

- "Cognitive Psychology" by Margaret W. Matlin

4. Social Psychology:

- "Social Psychology" by Robert A. Baron, Nyla R. Branscombe, & Donn Byrne

5. Abnormal Psychology:

- "Abnormal Psychology" by James N. Butcher, Susan Mineka, & Jill M. Hooley

6. Bio-psychology:

- "Biopsychology" by John P.J. Pinel

7. Personality Psychology:

- "Theories of Personality" by Calvin S. Hall and Gardner Lindzey

8. Developmental Psychology:

- "Developmental Psychology" by Elizabeth B. Hurlock

9. NCERT Textbooks for 11th and 12th Standard:

- These textbooks are excellent for basics and revisions.

By integrating these recommended books into your study plan, you'll be well-equipped with the knowledge and understanding needed to excel in the UGC-NET Psychology exam.

Happy studying and best of luck on your exam journey!

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