List of Psychology Research Topics (General)

  1. How does social media affect self-esteem and body image?
  2. How does childhood experiences shape adult personality?
  3. How does stress impact mental and physical health?
  4. Study the effectiveness of different types of therapies for anxiety and depression.
  5. How does social and emotional intelligence develop in childhood?
  6. Correlation between sleep and mood.
  7. How does mental health gets affected due to poverty and income inequality?
  8. Study the impact of parental divorce on the well-being of the child/children
  9. Stress reduction: Impact of mindfulness and meditation.
  10. Study the role of genetics and environment in the development of addiction
  11. What are the psychological and social factors contributing to the achievement gap in education?
  12. Study the effects of cultural background on personality and values
  13. Correlation between work-life balance and job satisfaction
  14. How does trauma impact psychological development
  15. Correlation between exercise and mental health
  16. Study the role of attachment in shaping adult relationships
  17. Study the impact of poverty and homelessness on cognitive development in children
  18. How does technology affect attention span and cognitive development
  19. Study the influence of media on body image and eating disorders
  20. Correlation of family dynamics in shaping adolescent development

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