Our Story

Who are We?

It’s more of a one-person operation behind the work of SoleHalt. I am Priyanka Bedi, a student just like you. I had done my Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, and even a certificate program from IGNOU. So, I know how things work there. Although I am not any kind of expert in anything, still I can proudly say that the assignment solutions that I am providing here are top-quality and high-scoring (as the student’s results have shown).

The Psychology projects and synopsis you see mentioned on the site are made by me only, and never once got rejected for any reason.

In fact, I would like to mention that I recently got published a research paper in a well-reputed journal of psychology and working on a few more.

What is SoleHalt?

SoleHalt is a passion project, that was started to help fellow students like me, who were looking for solutions. If you are from Delhi and you have been to any of the shops that sell IGNOU assignments to buy some, I am pretty sure you had seen that most of the time answers are irrelevant to the question, or unnecessarily lengthy, or not lengthy enough. Well, I had seen that a lot of times, even now.

I started SoleHalt with just one thing in mind, to make it easier to find solutions and more accessible for those who might not have enough time to complete the assignments due to any reason.

As most of the students in IGNOU or any open university, are full-time or part-time working, or are housewives, or are new mothers, or newly-weds, or taking care of someone in their family, or maybe sick themselves. And due to any reason, are not able to do their assignments on their own or take time out to look for answers in the study material.

So, if you also a University student (of any University) and need any kind of academics-related help, feel free to contact us anytime, either via our website or via WhatsApp @ 9354038314.